GIS investigates the failures of mechanical or mechanical systems, rotatory equipment, engines, electrical machinerty, among others. Frecuent requests are involved with:

  1. Fracture Mechanics: failure of welds (cracking) during service
  2. Rotatory Equipment: failure of gears, saft/cranksaft or bearings.
  3. Electrical Machines: insulation failure, harmonic distortion, among others
  4. Amont others: electrical systems failures, mechanical resonance (vibrations) ..
We have participated in works for the following equipment: Steam Turbines, DCS systems, Transformers, Welded Machinery, Water Turbines, etc.


GIS provides Vendor Assessment Evaluation, usually required for new suppliers who must commit with the requirements of the purchaser. Usual services requested are:

  1. Technical Evaluationv
  2. Manufacturing capabilities Evaluation
  3. Assessment with welding standards (ISO-3834/15085, EN-1090)
  4. Assessment with painting standards
  5. Assessment with Owners/Properties or Contractors requests
  6. Among others
We have demostrated experience in homologation of providers in Asia, America and Europe.


This is a recently frecuent service requested that we develop only for industrial field.

Experiences with the following facilities:

  1. Harbour Oil & Bulks / Storage terminals
  2. Wind & Solar Farms
  3. Thermoelectrical Plants
  4. Waste Water Treatment Plants
Reliable, Trustworthy and Neutrality work.
Endorsed reports ensuring no violability.